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Ajax Principles


Ajax a new web application model which defines a new user experience to the end user. The following principles makes web application as a good Ajax application.

  • Minimal traffic Ajax applications should send and receive a very little information to and from the web server. Ajax can minimize the traffic between server and client by not sending any unnecessary information and images.
  • Interaction Models Traditional web model uses click and wait for interaction where AJAX uses interface paradigms such as drag-and-drop or double-clicking. Be consistent when using the AJAX models.
  • Conventions Use established conventions for user interaction via page so that there will be a minimal learning curve.

  • No Distractions Avoid unnecessary page elements and distractions such as animations and blinking page sections.
  • Accessibility Don’t develop sites for your self consider your primary users of your site.
  • Avoid entire page downloads All server communication after initial page download should be managed by the AJAX engine.

The common thread in all the above principles is usability. Ajax is primarily for enhancing the web experience for your users.

Technologies behind Ajax

  • DOM Dynamic updating of a loaded page
  • XML Data exchange format
  • XSLT Transforms XML into XHTML
  • XMLHttp Primary communication
  • JavaScript scripting language used to program an Ajax engine.

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