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Android Emulator Setup tip -Visual Studio

Testing Android app in Visual Studio is bit tricky and slow if you do not configure Hyper-V on your computer for maximum emulator performance. This post outlines the two steps for preparing Android emulator for testing your app in windows 10. Step 1 : Configure Hyper-V If you do not configure Hyper-V then you probably see the following error in Visual Studio How to enable Hyper-V acceleration...

Visual Studio 2019 Preview Features

Visual Studio 2019 preview recently released at Microsoft Connect Event by Scott Guthrie and can be downloaded from here. You can install this side-by-side with Visual Studio 2017, it wouldn’t spoil your development environment. This post outlines the features that introduced in Visual Studio 2019 preview. Microsoft Focussing on improving productivity of developers more in 2019 version. Key...

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