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WCF Service using ASP.NET AJAX Library

More often, the data to shown in an AJAX page is retrieved from the Web server using a Web service, a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service. The services that can also return JavaScriptObjectNotation(JSON) are potential candidates for AJAX pages. This post explains about calling a WCF service using ASP.NET AJAX Library Data View control. The following are the steps to create and call the...


Which is better SOAP or REST? One of the most common discussions. Both REST and SOAP are different approaches in writing the service oriented applications. REST is an architectural style for building client-server applications. SOAP is a protocol for exchanging data between two endpoints...

Building Windows Azure Services

Microsoft introduced cloud platform officially known as Azure Services Platform.It makes easy for .NET Developers to move their applications to the cloud using same tools and API’s they’re already familiar with. It provides highly-scalable execution environment for running .NET Applications and storing data in Microsoft data centers throughout the world.

SOA Enabled DAL

Traditional applications using relational data sources such as Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 to expose their business logic to external world in a tightly coupled manner. This tightly coupled approach leads to the performance\scalability issues. This post discusses the Designing a SOA enabled DAL with example.
Traditional Service Data Access

AJAX Enabled WCF Service

Introduction In .NET Framework 3.5 WCF supports returning JSON serialized data from REST-based Web Service. You can read REST Based WCF Service in ASP.NET 3.5 article to know about developing a REST Web Service. This post explains about creating a REST based Web Service that returns JSON-formatted data to ASP.NET page. 1.Create a new web site in VS20008 and Add a new item to the  App_Code...

REST Based WCF Service in ASP.NET 3.5

Introduction This post explains you about building a REST-based service using Windows Communication Foundation(WCF) and ASP.NET 3.5. We develop this service without using the SOAP.You can read the REST Overview to get an understanding of what REST is? In simple tetchier statement we can say REST is WCF Web programming model. 1. Create a new web site in VS 2008 as follows Select the HTTP from the...

Publishing Feed on URI using WCF

Introduction In My previous article “Creating Web feeds with WCF” , I have explained about building a web feed with WCF. This post explains how to build a simple WCF service that exposes the feed data using both RSS and Atom. We are using both formats to emphasize the separation in WCF between the data [SyndicationFeed] and the formatting [SyndicationFeedFormatter].We can write the methods to...

Creating Web feeds with WCF

Introduction A feed on the web is data format where users can read content from different web sites by subscribing using client applications. Building and exposing a web feed is not a new idea but in this post we are going to use WCF to build the feeds.WCF allows you to create feeds for both  Atom1 and RSS2 standards. Building a Feed with WCF The following are two important features in WCF...

Microsoft “Oslo” Features

Microsoft’s “Oslo” is a platform for building the data-driven applications. This post explains about “Oslo” platform concepts and technologies required to implement those concepts.

Oslo contains three elements

A set of languages called “M”[MSchema,MGrammar and MGraph]
Data manipulation tool called “Quadrant”
A repository for data store

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