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Microsoft “Oslo” Features

Microsoft’s “Oslo” is a platform for building the data-driven applications. This post explains about “Oslo” platform concepts and technologies required to implement those concepts.

Oslo contains three elements

  1. A set of languages called “M”[MSchema,MGrammar and MGraph]
  2. Data manipulation tool called “Quadrant”
  3. A repository for data store

Oslo enables you

to build meta data-driven applications using MSchema and MGraph tools. It also allows you to define types and values in “M”.

Why Oslo?

You can develop an application to read and write data via relational database, which gives you some features like querying,securing and replicating. Suppose if you want to query .NET application metadata, there are  limited set of tools. More over tools used for manipulating the .NET application meta data is different from tools used for manipulating the SQL Metadata.

Assume you need to query data between an application’s data and metadata then you have got to build your own tool because data sources are different.

Runtimes and Services that built around the “Oslo” are

  • MWeb Domain Specific Language[ASP.NET Support]
  • “Quadrant” Web Editor
  • “Dublin”  Windows Server Extensions supporting the Mservice

Where it fits?

  • Oslo allows the Enterprise developers to built their own repository for storing metadata. example: Oslo would be good platform for storing machine configuration information then you can query and easily understand the information in it.
  • You can use Oslo to understand the distributed applications. Oslo repository contains the code coverage, load testing and architectural data which allows the developers to quickly understand the settings.
  • You can define the setup packages in domain specific language and can load in to the repository.

Oslo allows you to write them in a family of languages [MSchema, MGrammar and MGraph] M. More information about Oslo Modeling Language can be found at

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