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Misconceptions about Microsoft Cloud

This post outlines some of the misconceptions around cloud computing and also lists the facts and what you need to know about cloud computing.

Cloud changes the way that we do our business and when change happens to organization and individuals sometimes there is some uncertainty there. The challenge is “Cloud” is often misunderstood by many customers. When it first comes around year 2010 the following newspaper clip published


The above clipping is misconception, just like Enterprise Services vs Consumer Services. Technology people often exposed to cloud via consumer services. Consumer Services are completely different from enterprise services.

In Year 2011, the conception has not changed much


The wind over Lake Ontario does not affect the datacenters in Washington right?

People using file share on one drive and not aware that they are running on Cloud.

Privacy and Security are critical


Most people don’t feel secure storing business data and information with a cloud provider. Lack of security is the top barrier for many to adopt a cloud solution. It is like fear the unknown. Possible reasons for this misconception could be some consumers do not want move from their existing area of comfort. They are comfortable perhaps because they have not been subject to attack.

Actual fact is moving to cloud increases the insurance and increases the security. Cloud offers so many opportunities around being to pay for what you use, scalability and network performance. It transforms the way the business operates.

Sometimes it is important to speak about cloud in CEO priorities. The following are the points to consider for implementing the cloud solutions


You can present the following to the people who are not interested in initiating the Cloud implementation

You can equate the Cloud to using computing as we make use of electricity. When you think about it you get up in the morning and use electricity. It is commodity. You do not consider how it is generated and use as much as you required. It is available on demand and pay for what you use.

Cloud is variety of tools


Cloud can mean so many things; it has 300 features and provides 60 different online services. Cloud is like Swiss knife it uses the portion that best suited for the job. So the right tool from cloud to do the right job. When you do this the uncertainty and misconceptions will disappear.

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