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Top Developer News this week (May Week 2)

This post outlines Top links for Microsoft developers in May week2.

Windows Blue public preview available date

Build conference will announce the Windows Blue public preview. “Windows Blue” is a code name for the next release of Windows. If you attend the Build conference then you will get the Windows Blue preview.

Visual Studio 2012.3(Update 3) “go live” CTP is available

Visual Studio 2012.3 is now available in CTP format, but the  important thing about this is it is a licensed version for “go live” users. There are not a lot of new features in this release, most are related to the TFS build. Lot of bug fixes are included in this release. The Update 3 can be downloaded from here. One nice feature in this release is, if you are setting up build-definitions for TFS on premises to talk to TFS service on Windows Azure then you can now use getrepos from TFS service.

ISO availability for Visual Studio Updates

Now Visual Studio Updates are available in ISO’s for offline installation, as part of this ISO format of Visual Studio 2012 Update2 can be downloaded from here.

TFS 2012.2 Power Tools update available

.NET Crash Dump and Live Process Inspection

.NET Crash Dump and Live Process Inspection is a new tool released in beta format this week for helping people that need to diagnosis .NET Crash dumps and live .NET processes. You can programmatically find all information in the Crash dump. Follow the installation instructions from this link

Code Digger details

Code Digger is a lightweight version of Pex that allows you to explore public .NET methods from Visual Studio 2012 editor. This can be downloaded from here.

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