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This post gives you the links for latest announcements for Microsoft developers.

Announcing the Release of WebMatrix3

As most of the developers probably know that WebMatrix is free light-weight tool for building ASP.NET applications. There are tons of new features in this release including Windows Azure integration, ScottGu outlined the features here and this tool can be downloaded from here

Windows Azure SDK 2.0 for .NET

Improved Visual Studio publishing for Windows Azure web sites and tooling for viewing Azure website logging and diagnosis  information, PowerShell automation and more features from ScottGu BLOG post and the link for SDK download is here.

Windows Azure Improvements

There are number of improvements to Windows Azure portal and it allows you to create Virtual Networks, Virtual Machines and Enables remote desktop support on Web\Worker roles. Thanks Scott for the screenshots on the improvements which you can read here. Recently I have written post on Windows Azure Improvements to SharePoint 2013.

Windows Azure Training Kit April 2013

New content for training and hands on labs for Windows Azure Mobile Services and Windows Azure HDInsight available in this release, more information on this training kit can be read from here.

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Application 2012

VSTA allows you to embed the coding experience directly in your rich client applications. You can customise the Excel VBA application using this SDK which can be downloaded from here.

Enterprise Library 6.0 available

Enterprise Library is a set reusable components designed for software developers and it’s latest release can be downloaded from here. You can read this post for new features in this release.

NuGet 2.5 is Released

NuGet is now available for Visual Studio 2012 all editions and Visual Studio 2010. The features in this release can be read here.

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