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Visual Studio 2014 CTP 3 highlights

Visual Studio 14 CTP 3 and .NET Framework vNext was released on August 18th. You can get it from Microsoft Download center or you can use VM in AZURE. Complete list of features can be read here. .NET Framework vNext is currently only available on VS 2014 CTP3. It is an in place update on top of .NET Framework 4 or later versions. Some of the highlights in this release are outlined in this post.

Custom Layouts

The idea is that you can actually save a custom layout with an ability to remember where all your windows are like the window in debugging mode or you may be want to organize the windows in a particular way when you do the unit test then you can save this custom layouts in one machine having CTP 3 and you can get these settings on other machines.


PerfTips is another cool feature in Visual Studio 2014 CTP3. You will get the information while debugging. As step over the lines debugger displays performance information at the end of the code line indicating how long the program was running since the last break point.


It can display CPU time, File I/O and Network time. This feature is simply great as you get the performance information when you debug the application. You still can get the more information on these insights in performance mode.


ASP.NET vNext is the new version for ASP.NET websites and services. This release includes mostly bug fixes. It also includes Visual Studio 2013 update 3 web tools improvements and more can be read here.

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