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Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite Overview

Microsoft Visual studio team system 2008 is an integrated Application development and management solution which contains tools, processes and guidance to help everyone on the team to improve their skills and work more effectively together.

VS 2008 Team Suite provides set of tools for architecture, design, development, database development,and testing of applications.Team members can collaboratively work with these tools and effectively contribute in all phases of the development.

Team System 2008 having the following editions

  • Database Edition
  • Architecture Edition
  • Development Edition
  • Test Edition
  • Test Load Agent
  • Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Overview

The core concept when we talk about Team Foundation is TeamProject.
A Team Project is stored on Team Foundation Server and that can uniquely identify by everyone in the team.The team project provides a central location for everyone to co-ordinate his work.

The Following are the tools that you can interact with the team project.

Project Portal  Each team project associated with a project portal that is a share point web site. Team members use this portal to store documents, find reports and they can use share point features.

Team Explorer All team members work with team projects using Team Explorer. Team explorer connects to one team foundation server and display team projects from the server. Team members can update work items, view reports and manage documents and can work with product builds.

Alerts Team Foundation sends alerts when ever there is a change in work item status, a check in occurs and when a build is completed.

Source Control Team foundation version control enables the team to manage all source files for a project.

Build management Team foundation Build enables the team to create and manage product build regularly. A team can run daily builds and post them to build server.

Work Item Tracking The purpose of work item tracking is to know the health of the project  like who is assigned the work, and what the status of the work. The fundamental piece of work in team project is work item.

Work Item History All work items are stored in team foundation server. All work item changes are logged and anyone can review the history of an activity on work item at any time.

Queries Queries can be used to find the work items that match particular criteria.

MS Project and Excel Integration Work items can be imported from team server to Microsoft project or Microsoft Excel.

Reports You can generate the reports overtime on the project . Types of information that can be tracked  in reports are  work item changes , check-ins and status on product builds.

Roles in process Team projects are created from process templates where we can define the roles that all team members will participate in.

Example: MSF Agile process defines 6 roles Business analyst, project manager, architect, developer, tester and release manager.

The Team suite 2008 can be downloaded from the following link.

Download Team suite 2008

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