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Unit Testing with VS 2008 Team edition

Introduction Unit tests allows the developers and testers to check the logical errors in the methods of classes in C# and VB.NET Projects.Unit test can be created once and can be run every time that source code changes.Unit test cases make sure that no bugs are introduced when you write the new code. This post speaks about Unit Test Framework that introduced in VS 2008 Team Suite for developers...

Microsoft “Oslo” Features

Microsoft’s “Oslo” is a platform for building the data-driven applications. This post explains about “Oslo” platform concepts and technologies required to implement those concepts.

Oslo contains three elements

A set of languages called “M”[MSchema,MGrammar and MGraph]
Data manipulation tool called “Quadrant”
A repository for data store


Introduction WCF is the Microsoft framework for building applications that communicate over network using different protocols. WCF allows the developers to build distributed applications using SOAP. WCF also had the ability to expose and consume REST services.This post explains how to build REST service using WCF. Note: To build REST Service new infrastructure was added to WCF in .NET Framework 3...

REST Overview

REST stands for Representational State Transfer,is an architectural style where you can build the software system in which clients(user agents) can make requests to the services[end points]. REST one of the way to implement the client\server architectural style. REST can be used to build software applications in which clients can make requests of services.

ASP.NET 3.5 List Controls Overview

Introduction This post explains the List Controls that are included in the ASP.NET 3.5. List Controls are one of the Data Bound type controls in ASP.NET. The following are the five List Controls in ASP.NET 3.5. BulletedList – It displays the list of items which can be displayed as text, a link button, or a hyperlink. CheckBoxList- It displays the list of checkboxes where user having the option...

Master Pages in ASP.NET 3.5

Introduction Master Pages allows you to display common content in multiple pages. It easier to maintain, extend and modify your web site with master pages. This post post explains about how to use master pages and different methods of modifying the content in a master page from individual content pages. You can create a master page in visual studio by selecting the web site menu option, Add new...

JSON Fundamentals

A new data format which is built on JavaScript is called JavaScript Object Notation[JSON]. It is a lightweight data format based on JavaScript syntax. JSON definitions can be included within JavaScript files. This post speaks about basic syntax of JSON.
It is important to understand the specific syntax for array and object literals before we learn JSON syntax.

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