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MERGE Statement in SQL Server 2008

There has been significant T-SQL improvements in SQL Server 2008. This post explores the most notable changes in T-SQL introduced in SQL Server 2008. The MERGE Statement As name says, It combines Insert,Update, and Delete operations along with the Select operation which provides the source and target data for merge. In earlier versions, We need to write separate multiple statements to achieve the...

Creating an Analysis Services Project in Visual Studio 2008

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services allows the developers to provide a unified access of data for analytical analysis and reporting. Developers can manage and aggregate the queries from multiple subject areas. This can be achieved by creating a cube in Visual Studio 2008. This post defines and explains the terms used in creating an analysis project in VS 2008.

SQL server Joins or Subqueries?

Select statements that use join operator and join statements can be written in Subqueries and similarly Subqueries can be written in Joins. Writing the Select statements with Join operator can help database engine to find more efficient strategy for retrieving the appropriate data. However each having their own advantage over other. Some problems can be easily solve with Subqueries and some can...

Report Builder 2.0 in SQL Server 2008

Report builder 2.0 is a report authoring tool that we can use to design and publish reports. We can specify the data source, what data to display on report and which layout you prefer to see the report. When you run the report, the report processor takes all the information you specified and retrieves the data and generates each page as you view it. This post explains step-by-step details of...

SSIS Package Configuration in SQL server 2008

SSIS configuration wizard allows you to create configurations for packages. It also allows you to update the properties and objects of the package at run time. Package Configuration Benefits Configuration really helps the developers to smoothly move the packages from Development environment to Production environment.          Eg: Configuring the source path...

Creating a SSIS package in VS 2008

This post explains in detail about creating a SSIS package in VS 2008, project folder structure and designer. You can read this post to get understanding on SSIS. BIDS(Business Intelligence Development Studio) can be found after installing the full version of SQL server 2005 or 2008. I am using the 2008 version for this post. The SSIS development environment is detached from SQL server and you...

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