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Configuring .NET Framework 1.1 on windows vista

Configuring .NET FW v1.1 on Windows vista is bit tricky.

Here are the steps you need to follow

  • Download .NET Fx from .NET FW v1.1 because by default vista come up with .NET FW v2.0 and v3.0.

If you install FW v1.1 alone at the end of installation you will get the following error

                   RegSvcs.exe – Common Language Runtime Debugging Services


                     Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.

                     Process id=0x9a0 (2464), Thread id=0xf70 (3952).

                     Click OK to terminate the application.

                     Click CANCEL to debug the application.


                   OK   Cancel  


The above error is in .NET FW v1.1 which is  known to occur on window vista.

This issue is resolved in  Microsoft .NET FW 1.1 SP1, however you will need to use the following procedure

  • Download .NET FW v1.1 SP1 .
  • Save both installations to the same directory.
  • Ensure that FW 1.1 Redistributable package name is dotnetfx.exe.If not change its name to dotnetfx.exe
  • Ensure that FW 1.1 SP1 is named dotnetfxsp1.exe. If not change its name to dotnetfxsp1.exe
  • Run the following 3 commands using the order shown

  dotnetfx.exe /c:”msiexec.exe /a netfx.msi TARGETDIR=C:\<DirectoryName>”

  dotnetfxsp1.exe /Xp:C:\<DirectoryName>\netfxsp.msp

  msiexec.exe /a c:\<DirectoryName>\netfx.msi /p                                         c:\<DirectoryName>\netfxsp.msp  

  • Install both Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 and Service Pack 1 by running C:\<DirectoryName>\netfx.msi

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