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Google Chrome Web Browser Features


Today Google has released its first new open source browser named Google Chrome Beta. In this post I am going to explain about Chrome Features with examples.

Download link for Google chrome

First Look:



1. We got classic tab system which are appearing above the URL bar which is new style that you do not fine in other browsers which is new in chrome. A new tab button to add the tabs in the browser.


Under the tabs you had the forward, back buttons and Reloadbutton, bookmark button and address bar. Using the address bar you can navigate to site and can use it for searching the Internet.

2. You can find the following option by clicking the control the current page button


With New incognito window feature is like IE 8 private browsing feature where people can do private browsing and Google can not view what the user browsing.


3. You can see the source of the of the page from the developer and you can debug the java script through task manager you can view the CPU usage,memory and network bandwidth of the sites that you are browsing.



4.  You can find the following options under  customize button.


When you click on the History you can see all the sites you browsed and you can even search the history.


Similarly downloads feature



By clicking the Google Chrome options you will see the following dialogue box


on start up we can specify the pages to be open by adding the favorite pages. It restores the session like the option in fire fox. you can specify your default search engine google,yahoo and MSN.

Performance point of view browser is faster than Fire fox and IE  and pretty much complained to Web 2.0 standards.

Here is comparison report


The best test of Google Chrome is to try it yourself.

Download link for Google chrome

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