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Windows Store for Developers

Windows store is really an important part of Windows 8 platform. Windows store is the place where user find the metro-style apps. Windows Store is the distribution point for metro style applications. The idea behind building the windows store is connecting people to as many apps as possible.

Additional details about the Developer opportunity coming on windows 8 with the windows store can be found here .

Windows store is designed to make it as easy as possible for people to find out.
The minimal hierarchy helps to place as many as apps on surface, you are tap away to find the app on store. The navigation is simple and easy to use like windows 8 model.


The idea behind the design is to get people to tap these tiles, Behind each tile there is a app listing page. This is the surface area for the developer for you to really establish both character and capability of your app.

Cut the Rope / Store > Games > Puzzle / ***** Average rating (1023) / $1.49 / Buttons: Buy / Try / Large image and detailed description of the app

Windows Store is an opportunity to reach wider range of audience with free and paid apps in various categories. Global support for windows store can be found here

The opportunity for you as developer is completely unprecedented. Every iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android Tablet and Mac sold in last two years can be viewed in below picture


Windows Store is available all the languages that windows is available. Your apps is localizable in all those languages as well.

Windows Store is an enterprise friendly platform that means apps can be managed and deployed in the enterprise as well as outside the enterprise.


You can expose your apps catalogue to search engines.Discovery is not all about searching, it is also about trying your app.

Bing search results for the terms “fashion photography conde nast” include “Conde Nast Collection app for Windows” 

Windows Store supports direct linking to app web pages. Web Search result is directly linking to app listing page.

Windows Store Preview / Condé Nast Collection / ***** 78 ratings/ Free / View in Windows Store / Developer: Condé Nast / Copyright 2011 / [detailed description of app follows]

Windows Store beta is available in late February2012, Update on Building APPs context  is available here

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