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XAML Editing and Coding Experience in Visual Studio 2013

This post outlines some new things for XAML in Visual Studio 2013 release, coding and editing experience is much easier in this release. As you type in XAML editor you will get an autocomplete and it is lot more flexible now, for example if you want to add a stackpanel and you mistakenly type like “stak” it still shows in window. some times you might write nested grids in your XAML editor and...

Windows 8 File Explorer Tips

File Explorer is a great way to see the files and folders on your computer as well as libraries, folders and control panel.This post outlines some enhancements and tips in using File Explorer in Windows 8. 1. The first thing in File Explorer which you can notice is the menu is a ribbon menu. The File ribbon shows you the frequently used locations. It also let you to open the new window, new...

Why use Windows 8 Applications in Enterprise

In traditional Windows operating systems you have icons on your desk-top and it tells what you can do, no other information other than the short cuts that you put on your desktop. It is valuable but it is not information, Start screen in Windows 8 has tails and pictures.Each of these tails represent an APP that you can launch.Notice these tails gives you the live information. For example Mail App...

Creating Shutdown tile in Windows 8

Shutting down or rebooting Windows 8 is pain without using the Start button. Many users may want to shutdown the system with just one click. This post shows the script to enable users create a tile on windows start screen for shutting down or rebooting the system.
In Windows 8 Start menu was replaced by Start Screen

Deployment options for Windows 8 Line of Business Apps

Windows 8 is the platform for creating line of business applications which increase productivity and allows the employees to interact with their PC in more natural way. Apps normally targeted to the general consumer. A consumer App is marketed and can be installed by the entire world, but Line of Business application is generally deployed to the users that take part in business operations for the...

Windows Store for Developers

Windows store is really an important part of Windows 8 platform. Windows store is the place where user find the metro-style apps. Windows Store is the distribution point for metro style applications. The idea behind building the windows store is connecting people to as many apps as possible. Additional details about the Developer opportunity coming on windows 8 with the windows store can be found...

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