Cross platform mobile development with Xamarin and Visual Studio

This post outlines the concepts for mobile development using Visual Studio 2013 update2 and Xamarin.In perfect world, you could develop a single codebase and target all mobile devices. Unfortunately it is not as simple as it said in the statement but you have following options for developing the mobile applications.

The first option uses […]

AngularJS Controllers overview

What is a Controller in Angular world?
Controller is a set of JavaScript functions bound to a scope. ng-controller directive tells the Angular to instantiate the new controller object and injects the new scope as a dependency. It contains the business logic for your view. The best practice is not to use controllers to manipulate […]

AngularJS basics overview

What is AngularJS?
AngularJS is a front-end JavaScript Framework for creating web applications. It is a declarative programming language. The first question is why should I use this for web application development when MVC is already there? The reason behind using AngularJS on front-end is if you are developing large scale applications then it gives […]

Misconceptions about Microsoft Cloud

This post outlines some of the misconceptions around cloud computing and also lists the facts and what you need to know about cloud computing.
Cloud changes the way that we do our business and when change happens to organization and individuals sometimes there is some uncertainty there. The challenge is “Cloud” is often misunderstood by […]

Invoking Web API using JQuery

HTTP can be used for building the ASP.NET Web APIs that exposes your data and business services. HTTP is simple platform that can reach broad range of clients varying from desktop applications to mobile devices.
What is ASP.NET Web API?
ASP.NET API is a framework for building the RESTful services on top of the .NET […]