Visual Studio 2019 Preview Features

Visual Studio 2019 preview recently released at Microsoft Connect Event by Scott Guthrie and can be downloaded from here. You can install this side-by-side with Visual Studio 2017, it wouldn’t spoil your development environment. This post outlines the features that introduced in Visual Studio 2019 preview. Microsoft Focussing on improving productivity of developers more in […]

DevOps overview with Microsoft Azure

This post outlines the steps that you can follow to implement DevOps in Azure pipeline. The steps includes setting up an application, creating continuous integration, continuous delivery and release pipelines in Azure environment. What is DevOps? DevOps is the union of people, process, and tools to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users. […]

What’s new in Visual Studio 2017

This post outlines the tools available in Visual Studio 2017 IDE for developer that can improve the productivity in areas like debugging, live code analysis, navigation, intellisense and live unit testing. It also outlines the improvement in mobile and cloud development. Live Unit Testing Make sure you refer the NUnit3TestAdapter and NUnit nuget packages for […]

Cloud Application Development Availability strategy

Formulating successful strategy for cloud development starts with technical and business objectives. This post outlines the problem areas that must address while building your cloud application. Each problem area outlines the challenges and solution as well. Availability – defines proportion of the time your system is functional and working. An available application should consider the […]

C# 7 features overview

C# 7 added some new features with a focus on code simplification and performance. This post explains C# 7 new features Binary Literals         We now have binary literals like 0b followed by 0’s and 1’s; literals can often get longer so you can add underscore to separate them as shown in […]

Azure DocumentDB overview

DocumentDB is a NoSQL database supports fast performance, ease of development and high availability. Its schema –free NoSQL database. As data is stored in JSON format reads and writes are served under 10 milliseconds. DocumentDB is ideal for developing web, mobile, gaming and IoT applications. You can use SQL like language to query the DocumentDB […]

Visual Studio 2017 IDE features

Visual Studio 2017 announced in Microsoft Connect event today. Number of interesting announcements made in this event. Following are the highlights Key theme: Any Developer-Any App-Any platform · Visual Studio 2017 RC  – Just downloaded loving the new IDE · Visual Studio Mobile Center – Using Xamarin for developing any mobile app and  test on […]