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Connecting On-Premises Networks with AZURE Virtual Networks

This post outlines the options that exist for connecting your on-premise network to AZURE. Following are the three options, This post explains configuration steps that required for setting up Site-to-Site Virtual Private Network. Site-to-Site Virtual Private NetworkPoint-to-Site Virtual Private NetworkExpress Route Why do we need to extend On-Premise network? Reason 1, If Your organization...

AZURE Multi Factor Authentication – deep dive

Usernames and Passwords are no longer strong enough to protect sensitive information. This post outlines different ways you can protect on-premises and cloud based applications using Microsoft Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). It also explains deployment, configuration options in-depth, API interaction for developers to integrate MFA with existing systems. Additional security never should be a...

Microsoft Azure Storage options overview

This post outlines the available storage options in Azure portal , creating blob data and accessing it through Azure storage explorer or using C# code. The code discussed in this post can be downloaded from here Microsoft offers following storage options Creating a Storage account in AZURE portal Login to Azure Portal to create a new storage account Storage account name – The name must be...

Cloud Application Development Availability strategy

Formulating successful strategy for cloud development starts with technical and business objectives. This post outlines the problem areas that must address while building your cloud application. Each problem area outlines the challenges and solution as well. Availability – defines proportion of the time your system is functional and working. An available application should consider the...

TechBubbles Microsoft Technology BLOG

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