SQL Azure vs SQL Server


This post discusses the differences between SQL Azure and SQL Server in the context of security


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Supports SQL(native) and Windows authentication. Supports SQL(native) only, no windows authentication.
Authorization is based on database users and roles. Authorization is based on database users and roles.
SQL Server has fixed server roles such as serveradmin, securityadmin and dbcreator. There are no fixed server roles such as in sql server but it has loginmanager and dbmanager roles in Master DB to simulate  relevant server roles.
Accessing SQL Server over wire is via Tabular Data Stream (TDS) plus SSL on port TCP 1433. Using SSL is optional. Accessing SQL Azure over wire is same as SQL server using TDS but SSL is mandatory
Firewall and IP blocking is using hosted firewall. SQL Azure has built-in firewall which blocks all external IP’s until you specify to allow.
SQL Server supports native encryption at page level using transparent data current. TDC SQL Azure does not supports the native encryption.

More detailed comparison can be found here

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