Remoting in .NET Framework 2.0


Remoting is  distributed application technology built in the Framework 2.0 with new features which allows the developer to build wide range of distributed applications. Overview of Remoting.

Introduced some new features in Remoting in .NET FW 20. The applications are now more secured and performanent.

Enhancement in the Channel infrastructure: The new channel IPC is introduced which enables the same box communication. It allows the communication between both server application and client application when both are in the same machine. This wont use any network layer when client and server communicate. IPC Channel is based on named pipes.

IPC channel don’t use ports unlike TCP and HTTP channels. The URI will look like ipc://test/server.rem.

.NET FW 2.0 supports three channels in communication – TCP,HTTP and IPC and it supports two formatters, Binary and SOAP.

.NET Remoting Server application can be in the following forms

  • Console application
  • Windows application
  • Windows Service
  • IIS(using HTTP and Binary Formatter)


Interface Implementation in Server Application


Client Application


Application Configuration file settings



We can limit the number of users by using this channel.

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