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ASP.NET Dynamic Data Overview


ASP.NET Dynamic Data provides the Web application scaffolding that enables you to build rich data-driven Web applications. scaffolding is mechanism that enhance the functionality of the existing ASP.NET Framework by adding the ability to dynamically display pages based on the data model of the database.

This mechanism generates the page based on the default templates, while enabling the complete customization. Customization is allowed at table as well as application level. The dynamic data fields are user controls that render standard data field types.

The sample web site application to develop using ASP.NET Dynamic data 


provides the following features to support the rapid development of data-driven web applications:

  • ORM Object-Relational Mapping designer which generates the classes based on the data model.
  • Page Templates provides the default view of data.
  • Dynamic data fields for rendering the individual data types.
  • Built-in data validation based on the database schema.
  • Dynamic Data configuration settings that you can customize in the web.config file.
  • Supports the ASP.NET Datacontrols for customization.


ASP.NET Dynamic Data renders the data fields from the database metadata It also provides the capability to add information to metadata through data model which is used for custom validation.

In Visual Studio 2008, you can use the LINQ to SQL classes template to generate the data model classes. After generating the classes you can see them in App_Code folder.

System.Web.DynamicData Contains classes that provide the core functionality for ASP.NET Dynamic Data. It also provides extensibility features to customize dynamic data behavior.

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