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ASP.NET Enhancements

The following are the ASP.NET enhancements in .NET Framework 3.5

1. Development support for AJAX-enabled Websites.

2. Support provided for LINQ (Language-Integrated Query).

3. Full IntelliSense support in Visual Studio 2008 for working with JavaScript.

4. ASP.NET Merge tool (Aspnet_merge.exe) allows you to combine and manage the assemblies that are

created by pre-compilation tool Aspnet_compiler.exe.This merge tool builds the single assemblies

for the website. Earlier add-on was released for Visual studio 2005 to build the assembly.

5. Web application project model supported in this version. This feature easily allows us to migrate the

visual studio 2003 websites to the current version

6. One instance of Web application can target the .net framework version 2.0,3.0 and 3.5

7. Support has been given to ASP.NET Ajax extender controls

8. WCF Services can be consumed in the web project.

9. Intellisense Support is provided for LINQ.

10. AJAX enabled sites can access the web services and WCF services.

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