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Building a Secure ASP.NET Core Web API

This post outlines the steps that require to secure ASP.NET Core 3.0(preview) Web API using AZURE AD. Web API uses Azure AD as identity provider which implements the OAuth2 standards. In this case AZURE AD grants the tokens to applications. Don’t get confused with OpenIDConnect and OAuth2. OpenIDConnect protocol implements OAuth2 standards. OpenID is not just for APIs, it can be used for...

Error Handling in Web API Design

This post outlines how to manage the errors and status codes using modal validation, exception filter s and global exception handling. The common status codes that you deal while you are writing Web API code Model Validation is a very power full capability of web API. It is a data annotation library and allows you to annotate your classes and indicate different types, ranges and validations. You...

Invoking Web API using JQuery

HTTP can be used for building the ASP.NET Web APIs that exposes your data and business services. HTTP is simple platform that can reach broad range of clients varying from desktop applications to mobile devices. What is ASP.NET Web API? ASP.NET API is a framework for building the RESTful services on top of the .NET Framework. This post outlines the steps to create a web API project in visual...

OData Querying Options in ASP.NET Web API

What is OData? Open Data Protocol is a web protocol for accessing information via services. It is built upon technologies such as XML and JSON. OData allows you to exposing the data and metadata in a standard way. OData Querying is a query language which allows the clients to send the OData defined parameters in the query string of the request URI. This post discusses the various OData query...

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