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Cross platform mobile development with Xamarin and Visual Studio

This post outlines the concepts for mobile development using Visual Studio 2013 update2 and Xamarin.In perfect world, you could develop a single codebase and target all mobile devices. Unfortunately it is not as simple as it said in the statement but you have following options for developing the mobile applications.

The first option uses […]

Behaviours and Actions in XAML using Blend

What is Behaviour in XAML? It is a way to add interactivity to your App without writing any code.Behaviours and Actions are always go together, Behaviours is listens to something to occur.There are three out of the box behaviours
Data Trigger Behaviour, Event Trigger Behaviour and Incremental Update Behaviour.Data Trigger that listens for something that implements […]

Hub App Project Template in Visual Studio 2013

Hub App Project Template is a new project template introduced in Visual Studio 2013 for Windows Store App developers. It is a three page project for a Windows Store App that uses Hub control. This post outlines the features of this project template.Open Visual Studio 2013, Create a new project and select Window Store section […]

XAML Editing and Coding Experience in Visual Studio 2013

This post outlines some new things for XAML in Visual Studio 2013 release, coding and editing experience is much easier in this release.
As you type in XAML editor you will get an autocomplete and it is lot more flexible now, for example if you want to add a stackpanel and you mistakenly type like “stak” […]

Security and Configuration Enhancements for ASP.NET Projects in VS 2013

Number of enhancements made for ASP.NET Projects in Visual Studio 2013 release. For example, Now you can easily create a Web Forms project which has MVC as a part of it or you could create MVC project which has Web Forms. This release also enabled switching authentication types per project, For example you can create […]

LightSwitch features in Visual Studio 2013

This post outlines how to build a modern business application using LightSwitch and new features for Lightswitch in Visual Studio 2013. Imagine a scenario where you want to build a Tradeshow mobile application. Create a new project in Visual Studio 2013 and select  LightSwitch from window and select LightSwitchHTML Application option as this is a […]

11 Productivity Features for Developers in Visual Studio 2013

Productivity Power Tools 2013 is an extension pack to Visual Studio 2013. This post outlines 11 productivity features for developers in VS 2013 which can be downloaded from here.
1. Peek Help Feature
This feature allows you to fetch the MSDN help documentation for types and display it inline inside the editor. To get the Peek Help […]