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Visual Studio 2012 Update2(Feb CTP) features


Visual Studio Team aiming to release updates through out the year 2012. As part of this they have released Update1 and features can be read here. This post details the new features in Visual Studio Update2. You can download the Visual Studio 2012 udpate2 CTP from here. Visual Studio 2012 update2 mainly focusing on Modern Application life cycle and development.



The features in this update are


Fakes are now available in Visual Studio Premium

With Visual Studio update 2 Microsoft fakes are now part of Visual Studio 2012 Premium as well as Visual Studio 2012 ultimate.  Fakes helps you to isolate the code you are testing with stubs or shims.

A stub replaces another class with a class that implements the same interface. In order to use stubs, components in your application has to implement interfaces.

Fakes replace other components  

A shim modifies the compilation code of your application at run time, it runs the shim code that your test provides.

HTML and JavaScript Visual Profiler

The new tool HTML and JavaScript UI tool can be accessed from Visual Studio Debug –> Visual Profiler. This tool helps the developers to identify the latency problems and UI un-responsiveness.

Pausing and Resuming test execution in web based test case management 

Web based test case management was introduced in January CTP and now pausing and resuming the test cases are added in this release. If you edit the test case while paused then it remembers and resumes the initial version that was paused.

Clone Test cases in Microsoft Test Manager

Reusing the test cases is possible with this release and is useful for testing teams.

Enable adding attachments to test outcomes in web based test case management

In Visual Studio update 2 , you can save helpful diagnostic information from machine being tested.

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